Tasty : Farm to Fork selects growers who grow their fruit and/or vegetables with passion and knowledge. Our products are harvested ripe from the tree/bush/ground, after which they are packed with the greatest care and shipped immediately. A final selection is made by hand by us in order to provide Farm to Fork-worthy cultivation. The love for the profession from start to finish translates into the perfect piece of fruit and/or vegetables brimming with flavour.


Own cultivation : In addition to direct purchase from the farmer, Farm to Fork has its own cultivation in Rumst of seasonal leaf and fruit vegetables, herbs and small fruit.


Fresh : Farm to Fork buys directly from the farmer as much as possible and supplies both private individuals and professionals, so that we can keep the short chain. By making the time span from tree/bush/ground to plate as short as possible, unparalleled freshness can be offered. Plant-ripened cultivation retains the natural degree of ripening and you can taste that immediately.


Sustainable : Growers prefer to be selected locally in order to keep the footprint as small as possible. Sometimes Farm to Fork chooses growers worldwide because exotics do not grow here or because locally is not always sustainable.



As early as 1850, the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach discussed the link between diet and health. Also in Asia, where food and medicine are intertwined, the effect of food on our health is considered very important. But healthy food should be tasty….

Farm to Fork arose out of a love for high-quality fruit and vegetables where taste prevails. Farm-to-fork strategy is the principle of the short chain. Own cultivation or purchase directly from the farmer. As a consumer, you get fresher, high-quality products in this way.
You like that!